Packaging Glossary
Adhesive Lamination

A laminating process in which several layers of material are laminated to each other with an adhesive. This process is also known as dry lamination.

Angel Hair

Thin strands of film remain on the film edges caused by improper slitting.


Aging (Curing) is a term in process engineering that refers to the toughening or hardening of a polymer material by cross-linking of polymer chains brought by heat. It is an essential process after adhesive lamination converting two different layers of materials together. Aging period ranges from 24 to 48 hours depends on the types of adhesive and material used.


A layer of coating or process to minimize the moisture built up on the surface of the film.


A layer of coating and process to remove and minimize the static remaining on the films. Commonly used in electrical components packaging.


The ability to stop or retard the movement of one substance through another. In packaging, the term is commonly used to describe the ability of a material to stop or retard the passage of atmospheric gases, water vapour, and volatile flavour and aroma ingredients.

Biaxial Orientation

Orientation of plastic films in both machine and cross machine directions by stretching. Biaxially stretched films are generally well-balanced in both directions and much stronger in terms of tear strength.


Material that is able to degrade caused by biological activity, especially by enzymatic action, leading to a significant change in the chemical structure of the material. The European Union deems a material biodegradable if it will break down into mostly water, carbon dioxide and organic matters within six months.

Blister Packaging

Several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods. The two primary components of a blister pack are the cavity or pocket made from a "formable" web, either plastic or aluminum - and the lidding, made from paper, carton, plastic or aluminum. The "formed" cavity or pocket contains the product and the "lidding" seals the product in the package.


Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene