Easy Peel Lidding Film

Easy-peel lid film offers economical, clean, and reliable packaging options than traditional plastic rigid lid. It takes less space for inventory and less carbon footprint during transportation compare to traditional rigid lid. Easy-peel lid film also acts as a safety seal. Any damage or removal of lid film shows possible contamination inside the products, which further improve safety of your products.

TricorBraun Flex’s easy-peel lid film is designed for tray and container packaging to replace plastic rigid lids and clamshell food containers. Containers can be made of PP, HDPE, PET, PS, and PVC. The lid film provides easy-peel feature, and creates a tight seal on top of plastic containers or trays without leakage. We specialize in boilable easy-peel lid film that can be pasteurized with processed food at temperature 100°C (210°F) for over 60 minutes. Single layer easy peel film is also available.

Optional Features
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